Smiley Professional Events (formerly SBE Events): FAQs

What are Smiley Professional Events vs. Professional Pointer Events?

Professional Pointer Events has undergone a name change and is now known as Smiley Professional Events. Either way, we are still Pro Events!

What are Pro Events?

Pro Events connect you to:

  • Campus (e.g., academic coaching, student clubs)
  • Community (e.g., Rotary, Business Council)
  • Careers (e.g., internships, networking)

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of speakers, workshops and special events. With more than 300 events per year on the Pro Events calendar, you will have significant flexibility in selecting your events. Whatever you choose, Pro Events will help you to make the most out of your time as a student and to prepare for transitioning into a successful career.

How can I find out about upcoming Pro Events? 

Check the online Pro Events Calendar for upcoming Pro Events.

Are Pro Events open to everyone? 

Absolutely! Even if you are not currently taking a class that requires events attendance, please come to as many events as you can.

How many events am I expected to attend? 

Classes requiring Pro Events typically require two events per semester; at least one of those events must be before the mid-semester cut-off (for spring 2022, the cut-off is March 18). Check your course syllabi or the Pro Events website to see which classes require Pro Events attendance.

Business 100 students are required to attend 6 Pro Events per semester.

How can I find out how many events I need to attend or how many credits I have?

Go to and click on GUEST in the top right corner of the page to log in with your UWSP email and password. Once you are logged in, you can click on the "Credits" tab to see your current core courses, attended events and earned Events credits.

Why didn’t I get credit for an event I attended?

First, check the “Past Events” tab at the bottom of to see if attendance has been entered for the event. If attendance HAS been entered, then please send a detailed email to

Can I get credit for an event at which I am presenting (e.g. Internship Expo)?

No, sorry---no double-dipping!

Does ___ event count for credit?

If the event is on the event calendar, it counts for credit.

How do students get Pro Events credit?

To maintain safety during the COVID-19 era, you’ll be able to earn Pro Events credits in many different ways:

  • "Attending" live Zoom events; attendance will be taken at the end of the event.
  • Watching recordings of past events and then completing a quiz and survey. For Spring 2022, video events must be completed by March 11 for credit in the first half-semester and May 6 for credit in the second half-semester.
  • Attending in-person events. If the event is on campus, attendance will be taken at the end of the event. If the event is off campus, you’ll need to obtain a signature (see “attendance documentation” below) and then submit a request for credit.

What is attendance documentation and where can a student find one?

Attendance documentation is a form that a student needs to fill out and return to recognize a student attended an event. They must return it to receive Pro Credit. Students will often find these forms attached on any event requiring the form on the Pro Events Calendar. (Attendance Forms on the right-hand side)

How long does it take to get confirmed Pro events credit?

Pro Credit is usually entered a week after the event. Please be patient, and if any issues occur please email

Can I get credit for events not listed as official Pro Events?

Possibly! If you are attending a conference or lecture and you think it will have useful professional content, email us at to ask about possible Events credit.

Can club meetings count as events?

Yes, many club meetings count as Pro Events, including Professional Speaking & Leadership (Toastmasters), SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), Rotaract (part of Rotary International), I-Club (International), NSLS (National Society of Leadership & Success) and FLA (Financial Literacy Association).

Can a student receive credit for attending an event after the cutoff deadline?

No, to receive full credit, you needed to attend your first event for each core course before the mid-semester cut-off. Spring 2022 mid-semester cutoff date is March 18; deadline for online video events is March 11.

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