How to Apply:

  1. Complete the UW System application or the common application. UW-Stevens Point does not publish a specific application deadline date. Early application is recommended.

    If you prefer to complete a paper application, you may download a copy, or request a copy from the UW System HELP Office 800-442-6459 or the UWSP Office of Admissions and Recruitment 715-346-2441.

  2. Ask your high school to send us an official copy of your high school transcript. We will accept self-reported/unofficial transcripts for admission purposes. (Please Note: As an alternative, we also accept electronic high school transcripts sent through Parchment and from high schools that take advantage of this option.)

  3. We do not require letters of recommendation. If your academic record is not strong or you have extenuating circumstances you would like us to consider, you are welcome to submit letters of recommendation for our review.

  4. UW-Stevens Point campuses are test-optional. Scores are not required for admission purposes. If you choose to send your ACT or SAT scores UWSP codes are:  ACT code is 4680; SAT I is 1919.

  5. If you have taken any college courses, ask each college you've attended to send official copies of your transcripts to the UWSP Office of Admissions. 

Special Information for Music, Dance and Theatre Arts Majors

Students interested in the BA Dance, BA Drama, BFA Musical Theatre, BFA Acting, and BFA Design Technology programs and Music are required to complete an on-campus performance audition and/or interview. Visit the Theatre & Dance Audition Page or Music Audition Page for detailed information. You may contact the Department of Theatre and Dance at 715-346-4429 or​, or the Department of Music at 715-346-3107 or​ with any questions.

Applicants from Alternative Educational Backgrounds

Applicants from alternative educational backgrounds (e.g. home schooled) generally must meet the requirements for college preparatory credits as listed above and submit an ACT or SAT I score report and transcript(s) from any recognized high school(s) attended. Applications will be considered on an individual basis.​​​​​​​ 


Admission Criteria:

Admission to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is competitive. All applications are reviewed on an individual basis, with both academic and non-academic factors considered. We give strong consideration to applicants with successful academic backgrounds who have also demonstrated achievement outside the classroom. Freshman applicants are considered based on the following factors:
1. Graduation from a recognized high school or equivalent
2. High School Academic Unit Requirements

​Courses Minimum Required
​English ​4 years
​4 years
​3 years
​4 years
​Social Science ​3 years ​4 years
​Natural Science ​3 years ​4 years
​Foreign Language ​None
​2-4 years
​Electives* ​4 years ​4 years

Click here for information regarding acceptable high school courses or see the Introduction to the University of Wisconsin System which is available in most high school guidance offices. 

* Excludes physical education, driver education, cooperative education, English as a second language, remedial (in all areas of study) and exceptional education courses.

3. Academic Factors
Primary emphasis is placed on academic factors, including the following:
  • Class rank
  • Test scores - ACT or SAT
  • Cumulative high school grade point average (GPA)
  • Rigor of high school courses
  • Trend in grades in academic courses over time

Non-Academic Factors
In addition to academic achievement, the following non-academic factors are considered: demonstrated leadership; involvement through work experience, extracurricular activities, and volunteerism; personal characteristics and accomplishments including special talents and abilities, honors, awards and personal qualities; diversity in background and experience; and life circumstances. While non-academic factors are considered, they will not necessarily make an applicant with a weak academic background a strong candidate for admission.

Profile of Admitted New First-Year Students

UW-Stevens Point incoming first-year class
Average ACT score: 23  
Average high school GPA: 3.3

The following chart provides information that will help you assess the likelihood of admission based on class rank and ACT alone. Though this chart may provide you with a general picture, please note that your likelihood of admission will also be affected by the other admission criteria listed above. Applicants from schools that do not provide class rank should review the Profile of Admitted Freshmen section above.
ACT Score​
​​Class Rank - Percentile
99-75 74-60 59-50 49-40 ​Under 40
​30-36 ​99% ​99% ​99% ​75% ​Varies
​27-29 ​99% ​99% 99%​ 60%​ ​Varies
​24-26 ​99% 99%​ ​99% ​Varies ​Varies​
​21-23 ​99% ​95% ​90% ​Varies ​Varies
​18-20 ​99% ​85% ​40% ​Varies ​Varies
​Under 18 ​85% ​Varies ​Varies ​Varies ​Varies
  • We encourage all interested applicants to apply for admission.
  • All applications are reviewed on an individual basis. 
  • Your financial situation is NOT considered in determining your admission.​
  • Your admission is contingent on successful completion of your senior year schedule as indicated on your application; therefore, you must receive prior approval to make a schedule change.

 Information for Admitted New First-Year Students:

Congratulations on being admitted to UW-Stevens Point! Check out the following links for information on what comes next and about the resources that will be available to you as a UW-Stevens Point student.​​

New First-Year Students

Helpful Information for All Admitted Students