Purchasing Policies and Procedures

Purchasing Overview

Effective October 1, 2020, please view the Purchasing Intranet for full details of the updated discretionary spend restrictions and purchasing guidelines.

The purchase of all goods and services purchased with state funds are conducted through the purchasing policy and processes established by DOA State Bureau of Procurement, University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, University of Wisconsin Procurement, and University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The attached FlowChart is a quick guide to aid campus departments through the steps, so that the process will more likely be understood. This is a supplement to campus purchasing training, and should not be viewed as a standalone document. 

​Dollar Limits, Bid Processes, and Exceptions: Regardless of spend limit, Mandatory Contract must still be used.

 Cost Under $5,000

Purchases of goods or services less than $5,000 require a "best judgment" decision by Purchasing or your department. 

Best Judgement Purchases Policy and Procedures

 Cost $5,000 - $49,999

Purchases of goods or services between $5,000.00 and $49,999.00 require a simplified bid process. 

Simplified Bid Process Policy

 Cost Exceeds $50,000

If your purchase is $50,000.00 or greater, Purchasing will prepare a Request for Bid (RFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP). These are publicly published, allowing all vendors access to bid. 

Request for Bid/Proposal Policy

 Exceptions to Bidding Process

This may include Waivers and Sole Source, Academic Support Services Agreement (ASSA), PRO-E-4 (Direct Charge), or Grant Subcontracting when named in the Grant Proposal. See Purchasing Staff for guidance.

Ways to Purchase: Regardless of method used to buy something, Mandatory Contract must still be used.

 ShopUW+ or UWSP Central Stores

ShopUW+ or UWSP CENTRAL STORES.  Many low-dollar items are available through ShopUW+ or our own UWSP Central Stores (and are often required purchases through Mandatory Contracts). These are the FIRST places to look for standard office supplies or general maintenance, operational, repair, custodial items.

Procure-to-Pay Automation Project

The UWSP Purchasing Office is partnering with all UW System institutions on the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Automation Project to transform purchasing and accounts payable systems by implementing a future state procure-to-pay solution, ShopUW+, which launched the first phase April 16, 2021. The project is being led by purchasing and accounts payable leaders across the UW System. This is also a collaborative effort with the Administrative Transformation Program. 

 Procurement Card (P-Card)

P-Card can be used for low dollar supply purchases (less than $5,000 or your card limit, whichever is lower). Preferred choice for low dollar, non-recurring items. 

 Purchase Order

All purchases over $5,000 require a Purchase Order. ($5,000 is based on a yearly total, so reoccurring charges need be on a Purchase Order if the spend might exceed $5,000 in a fiscal year.) 

Purchase Requisition

SGA Purchase Requisition

 Direct Payment

For single need items less than $1,500 that don’t accept P-Card. P-Card and Purchase Order are the preferred method of payment. 

​Established Purchasing Contracts

Developed to ensure the availability of goods and services, establish vendor relationships and obtain favorable pricing.  Contracts can save time in issuing Purchase Orders. NOTE: If you have a supplier that requires UWSP to sign a Contract or Agreement, that is a separate subject from Established Purchasing Contracts. See Contract Administration Policy and Contract Routing Form

 Mandatory Contracts

Contracts for set group of products or services at pre-negotiated prices or discounts.  Examples include paper, furniture, flags, janitorial supplies, vehicles, information technology services, personal computers and software, office supplies, bussing services, printing, printers/copiers, etc. Work with Purchasing Staff

 Non-Mandatory Contracts

State negotiated contracts that may be used if desired.  Covers all areas. Work with Purchasing Staff.

 How to Find Contracts

​Academic Support Services or Personal Service Agreement (ASSA-PSA)

If the service is a unique, noncompetitive activity supporting instruction/research/public service, it will be considered an Academic Support Service. For all Contracted Services not currently under an existing DOA or UW contract, regardless of the payment method utilized (to include $0 agreements), an ASSA/PS Form must be executed and approved by the contracting officer at UWSP prior to commencement of the service.

ASSA-PS Standard Terms and Conditions

ASSA-PS Agreement Form

​Minority Business Enterprises

UWSP is committed to the promotion of MBEs and to our goal of 5% of State Purchasing and Contracting targeted to certified MBEs. Please assist us in helping your to increase the opportunity for minority vendors to see to the state by using the resources below.

MBE Directory

The Minority Business Enterprises directory is a listing of Wisconsin Certified Minority Owned Business. The directory is updated weekly by the Department of Administration Division of Agency Services. 

You can access the MBE listings by contacting the State of Wisconsin MBE Program.​

​Purchasing Newsletter Archives

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State of Wisconsin Procurement Standard Terms and Conditions

State of Wisconsin Standard Terms and Conditions
Questions Regarding Purchasing Rules, Regulations, Policies, and Forms 
can be directed to: Purchasing, Purchasing.Department@uwsp.edu, x2721.
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