​UW-Stevens Point Alumni Generations Scholarship

This scholarship was created by the Barrows Estate to support Alumni initiatives.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All applicants must complete the application form and essay.
  • Preference is given to incoming freshmen, but all class levels are eligible.
  • Preference is given to applicants with multiple related alumni.
  • Awards should be no less than $1000 each.
  • Relatives are defined as blood relationships, adoption or other legal means.

Selection Process

Selection will follow the process set up by UWSP and will be coordinated by the UWSP Alumni Board of Directors. Recipients will be notified of their selection in June and will be awarded the scholarship for the following academic year. Committee members with connections to any applicant have no involvement with the selection process.

Application Guidelines

Application form is due by March 31 for the following school year. Fill out the form below.