Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes-one for peace and one for science.
– John F. Kennedy 
The Fisheries and Water Resources discipline concentrates on the study of biological, physical and chemical characteristics of rivers, streams, lakes, groundwater and the interaction of water with land.

Majors (options) and Minors

You can find a sample planning sheet, for each option, by clicking here. The planning sheets outline suggested coursework by semester for each of the options.  You can also learn more by visiting the UW-Stevens Point course catalog.
Ron Crunkilton
Discipline Coordinator
Trainer Natural Resources Building
Phone: 715-346-4509

 Fisheries option

The Fisheries major includes the survey and management of fish and other aquatic organisms in freshwater lakes and streams. A Master’s degree will increase your employment potential and job responsibilities in fisheries.

 Hydrology option

The Hydrology major emphasizes the role that land plays in controlling water quantity and quality.

 Water Resources option

The Water Resources major allows you to develop a program emphasizing the physical, chemical or biological aspects of water resources management.

A minor is also available in water resources.

Licensing and Certification Opportunities

Through appropriate selection of courses you can meet the academic requirements for certification as a Certified Fisheries Professional, Professional Hydrologist and federal guidelines for a Hydrologist. A certificate in wetland science is offered to CNR majors who have completed a course of study that concentrates on the identification and management of wetlands.