Fall 2014 Reading In the Disciplines Course Offerings

Groups will begin Week 3 of the semester unless otherwise noted

Peer Facilitator
Day and Time
Anthropology ​ ​ ​​​​​
​Anthropology 110 ​Jennings ​Gustav S. TBD TBD
​Anthropology 110 ​Jennings ​Gustav S. ​TBD TBD​
Anthropology 110​ ​Jennings ​Joseph Z. ​TBD TBD​
​Anthropology 110 ​Jennings ​Joseph Z. ​TBD ​​TBD
Art​ ​ ​ ​
​Art 181 ​Hawkos ​Emily S. ​TBD​ ​TBD
​Art 181 ​Hawkos ​Emily S. ​TBD ​TBD
​Art 282 ​Ball ​Olivia B. ​TBD ​TBD
​Art 282  ​Ball ​Olivia B. ​TBD ​TBD
​​​​Economics                                                                                                                                                   ​ ​
​Economics 110 ​Hofer ​Erik D. ​TBD ​TBD
​Economics 110 ​Hofer ​Erik D. ​TBD ​TBD
​Geography 113
​Odogba ​Erika K. ​T @ 9am ​LRC 018B
​Geography 113 ​Odogba ​Erika K. ​W @ 1pm ​LRC 018B
History ​ ​ ​ ​​
​History 101 ​Porter ​Rebecca P. ​T @ 11am ​LRC 018B
​History 101 ​Porter  ​Rebecca P. ​W @ 12pm ​​TBD
​History 102 Jessee Amanda L. M @ 3pm ​LRC 018B
​History 102 ​Jessee ​Amanda L. ​W @ 10am ​LRC 018B
History 102
Chantel W. T @ 3:30pm LRC 018B
​History 102 ​Barske ​Chantel W. W @ 3:30pm LRC 018B
​History 176 ​Harper ​Christine B. ​TBD ​TBD
​History 176  ​Harper ​Christine B. ​TBD ​​TBD
​History 176 ​Kaminski ​Carole S. ​TBD ​TBD
​History 176 ​Kaminski ​Carole S. ​TBD ​​TBD
History 177 ​Prendergast ​Alejandra P. ​TBD ​TBD
​History 177 ​Prendergast ​Alejandra P. TBD TBD
History 256
Rachel L. TBD TBD
​History 256 ​Hale ​Rachel L. ​TBD ​TBD
​Philosophy 100 ​Hay ​Taylor M. ​TBD ​TBD
​Philosophy 100 ​Hay Taylor M. ​TBD ​TBD
​Philosophy 121 ​Warren ​Rika C. ​TBD ​TBD
​Philosophy 121 ​Warren ​Rika C. ​TBD ​TBD
Political Science
​Political Science 101 ​Mapes-Martins ​Rachel G. ​TBD ​TBD
​Political Science 101 ​Mapes-Martins ​Rachel G. ​TBD ​​TBD
​Political Science 160 ​Collins ​Molly J. ​TBD ​TBD
​Political Science 160 ​Collins ​Molly J. ​TBD ​TBD
Psychology ​​                                                                                                                   
​Psychology 110 ​Ferguson ​Mandy J. ​TBD ​TBD
​Psychology 110 ​Ferguson ​Mandy J. ​TBD ​TBD
​Psychology 110 ​Ferguson ​Alex P. ​TBD ​TBD
​Psychology 110 ​Ferguson ​Alex P. ​TBD ​​TBD
​Psychology 110 ​Nemeth ​Tana R. ​​TBD ​TBD
​Psychology 110 ​Nemeth ​Tana R. ​TBD ​TBD
​Psychology 110 ​Lewis  ​TBD ​TBD ​TBD
​Psychology 110 ​Lewis ​TBD ​TBD ​TBD
​Psychology 110 ​Palmer ​Erin C. ​M @ 10am ​LRC 018F
​Psychology 110 ​Palmer ​Erin C. ​F @ 11:45am ​LRC 018F
​Psychology 110 ​Plonsky ​Amber E. ​T @ 2pm ​LRC 018F
​Psychology 110  ​Plonsky ​Amber E. ​W @ 10am LRC 018F
Sociology ​​                                                                                                                       
​Sociology 101 ​Barry ​Katherine M. ​TBD ​TBD
​Sociology 101  ​Barry ​Katherine M. ​TBD ​TBD
​Sociology 101 ​Natzke ​TBD ​TBD ​TBD
​Sociology 101 ​Natzke ​TBD ​TBD ​TBD
​Sociology 102 ​Natzke ​TBD ​TBD ​TBD
​Sociology 102 ​Natzke ​TBD ​TBD ​​TBD
​Sociology 102 ​Roka ​Stephanie S. ​TBD ​TBD
​Sociology 102 ​Roka ​Stephanie S. ​TBD ​​TBD

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