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FREE, one-on-one tutoring for general computer skills, assistive technologies, or specific software.

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Walk-in CIS 110 offered 6 - 8pm Thursdays in SCI A224

Technology Tutor

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  • Java - your first object-orrientated programming language
  • Flash - for animations and interactive applications
  • Excel - a spreadsheet used to analyze data
  • Photoshop - for making graphics and modifying photos
  • HTML & CSS - for creating and designing websites
  • SharePoint - used to create on-campus web pages
  • EndNote - Reference and bibliography management software
  • Outlook - the e-mail program you use at UWSP
  • Desire to Learn (D2L) - used to supplement some courses
  • General Computer Literacy
Walk-in tutoring available or make an appointment by contacting the TLC at
715-346-3568, e-mail, or visit LRC 018.