​"It is the...task of the social scientist to translate personal troubles into public issues."

— C. Wright Mills 

Welcome t​o the Department of Sociology and Social Work

Majors in:
  • Sociology
  • Sociology with Concentration in Applied Sociology
  • Sociology with Concentration in Adult Life & Aging
  • Social Work

Minors in:

  • Gerontology
  • Native American Studies
  • Social Science and Health

Emphases in:

  • Deviance and Social Control
  • Family and Socialization
  • Community and Environment

Internships - The department offers internship programs for both Sociology and Social Work majors where students gain hands-on experience, working under the supervision of social service professionals in a wide variety of agencies and organizations.

Research Centers - The department houses two research centers.

  • The Community Research Center conducts applied social science research for local community agencies and groups, including survey research, using the department’s Telephone Survey Center.
  • The Center for the Small City sponsors a variety of public and university programs of contemporary interest, including the biennial national Small Cities Conference. Opportunities exist for students to participate in sociological research through these centers as well as through independent research projects under the supervision of faculty.


The curricula of the two majors are integrated, offering Social Work majors a strong grounding in sociological perspectives and Sociology majors access to cross-listed courses in social services. A unique aspect of our curriculum is the inclusion of courses in Native American and rural social services.

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We would like to congratulate Dr. Doug Forbes on his retirement this past summer. Dr. Forbes has been a great asset to our department as an excellent colleague, a good friend, and an inspiration to faculty and students alike. We wish him health and happiness in his retirement.

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Social Work Major Online Application

Students interested in the Social Work major can find more information about the online application process and the application form here. Contact the Department if you have any questions.