UWSP Ranked No. 9 in Midwest
Andy Davis

According to U.S. News Best Colleges Ranking, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point was ranked no. 9 among schools like UW-La Crosse, the University of Northern Iowa, and UW-Eau Claire. These were the only three UW schools to appear within the top ten.

UW-La Crosse ranked no. 2, with an average freshman retention rate of 86 percent and an average graduation rate of 69 percent. UW-Eau Claire, ranked at no. 5, has an 83 percent average retention rate and 64 percent average graduation rate, compared to UWSP’s 79 percent average retention rate and 60 percent average graduation rate.

Ratings were also based on factors such as ACT score selectivity, financial and faculty resources. What is interesting, however, is the percentage of full-time faculty among the three UW schools. According to the rankings, UWSP’s faculty is 96 percent full-time, compared to UW-Eau Claire’s 95 percent and UW-La Crosse’s 91 percent.