Outdoor Edventures
Rachel Pukall

Outdoor Edventures has opened up their doors for both students on campus and people in the community, offering a wide range of services including rental equipment, retail and adventure trips. 

Mike Piekenbrock, the Recreational Activities Coordinator, says that Outdoor Edventures has been open for two years. He loves working there.

“My favorite part would have to be the trips. I’ve been a guide for more than a decade, and I love being outside, and I really enjoy taking first timers out to share the experience,” Piekenbrock said.

Piekenbrock has formed many memories while attending these trips.  For one, he recalls getting his captain’s license in the Florida Keys and competing to catch sharks barehanded.

“For us that didn’t seem extreme, but I’m sure it would surprise some people,” Piekenbrock said.


Outdoor Edventures tries to get new equipment each year and add two new trips to places that they have never gone before.

“We got the paddleboard last year and tripping kayaks,” Piekenbrock said.

In the future, Piekenbrock would like to add even more to Outdoor Edventures.

“I’d love to go international within the next couple years. I want to train students to be trip leaders so that I wouldn’t have to go on every trip,” Piekenbrock said.

Other than that, he just wants to keep getting the word out there.

“We’re down in the basement, and not a lot of people know we’re down here. We have great resources and affordable prices for students,” Piekenbrock said.

Outdoor Edventures is located on the lower level of the Allen Center and is open Monday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.