Celebrating a Community of Artists: Arts Bash 2013
Samantha Feld

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Along with being the only night where you can see someone covered in blood and guts thanks to the make­up artists in the theatre department, or wearing a handmade costume made entirely of feathers created by sculpture students, Arts Bash is a night where theatre, dance, and art students emerge from their respec­tive caves and come together to share their skills with the community.

Serving as a testament to the power of the arts to connect a com­munity, Arts Bash is the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point’s larg­est student scholarship fundraising event. All proceeds benefit student scholarships.

When event-goers made it through the front doors of the Noel Fine Arts Center Saturday night, a video piece by Karolina Romanowksa greeted them. The viewers experi­enced their identities pulled away as the performers’ faces were stripped of white powder.

Opening the evening’s perfor­mances, sculpture students exhibited their work in reinterpreting card­board into functional chairs.

Although there was no official wearable runway show this year, stu­dents still created wearable art pieces and wore them to the event.

Eva Hathaway thinks of Arts Bash as “Halloween but weirder” and created a collar out of book paper, similar to the piece she made at last year’s Arts Bash event.

Hathaway made her first paper collar three years ago and fell in love with the way paper looks when you fold it into the flower like forms.

Jessica Kruse’s look was inspired by a group of vines she saw near her work. Kruse became interested in wearable art over the past couple of years and recently completed an independent study in the art form.

She came to wearable art because “It’s newer. Not many people are doing it, which means there is a lot more freedom to do things and not feel like you are copying.”

On the night of Arts Bash, the second floor of the NFAC became the storefront of almost every restaurant in the area, offering samples of their iconic dishes, drinks or bakery treats.

The Main Grain Bakery offered some varieties of their breads, as well as their beloved cupcakes. Zest shared chocolate covered bacon. @1800 made Blackberry spritzers.

Whether it was drawing and painting students creating portraits of event-goers, theatre and dance stu­dents putting on a performance, or art students selling their work in the gallery, Arts Bash was an event for students and community members to mingle and relish the creative energy that fills the Noel Fine Arts Center.