Add-On Features For Personal Use

These features are available for an additional charge. You must have a compatible phone to access the desired feature. If you exceed the feature allotment, you will be charged for overages.

Not sure how much data you need for your trip abroad?  To estimate your usages, go to

​Monthly ​Included Cellular Data ​Included Wi-Fi Allowance
​$30 ​120MB (Overage $30/120MB) ​N/A
​$60 ​300MB (Overage $30/120MB) ​1GB
​$120 ​800MB (Overage $30/120MB) ​1GB


Pay-Per-Use Rate: 

$0.015/KB in Canada ($15.36/MB)

$0.0195/KB in Rest of World ($19.97/MB)