Add-On Features For Personal Use

These features are available for an additional charge. You must have a compatible phone to access the desired feature. If you exceed the feature allotment, you will be charged for overages.

Pay-Per-Use Text:  $0.20 per message - incoming or outgoing messages

Pay-Per-Use Picture/Video:  $0.30 per message - incoming or outgoing messages

Messaging 200:  $2.00 per month - allows 200 messages (text, picture or video, outgoing and incoming)

Unlimited Messaging:  $10.00 per month - allows unlimited incoming and outgoing messages (text, picture or video)

*Overages - $0.20 per message if you exceed your messaging allotment.  If you have a basic phone, transmitting picture or video messages will also incur data charges at $0.01/KB.