Thanking your Donor

Did you receive a scholarship?  Have you thanked your donor yet?  We all know money doesn't grow on trees - the same is true of scholarship dollars. To show your appreciation, how about sending a thank you note to the people who made your scholarship possible? Below are some resources to get you started.

How do I thank my donor?

Out of respect for each donor's privacy, we do not publish their names or addresses. There are multiple departments that manage scholarships at UWSP, and depending on which one you received, we ask you send your note to the address outlined below. We will then forward your letter to your donor.

Campus Wide, Freshman, and Non-Traditional scholarships:
 (i.e, John Doe Scholarship) UWSP Foundation 2100 Main St, Ste 134 Stevens Point, WI 54481

Major/Discipline scholarships:
 (i.e, John Doe Scholarship) UWSP  (i.e., UWSP Chemistry Department) 2100 Main St Stevens Point, WI 54481

Study Abroad scholarships:
 (i.e, John Doe Scholarship) UWSP International Programs Office 2100 Main St Stevens Point, WI 54481

Can I personalize my thank you letter?

If you would like to personalize your letter to include your donor's name, please contact the individual listed by the scholarship you recieved for more information.

Provided your donor has not requested to remain anonymous, UWSP staff will provide this information to scholarship recipients.

What should I include in my letter?

Here's a checklist of important items to include in your letter:

  • Which scholarship you received
  • How it enhanced your experience at UWSP
  • Why you appreciate being selected
  • Remember to say thank you!
  • Your email, phone and/or mailing address. Occasionally, donors may want to respond back to you!

Why support scholarships?

Have you ever wondered who funds the scholarships that support your academic endeavors and, more importantly, why they made this  generous gift? Check out some of the stories donors have shared about why UWSP and student success is important to them.