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Faculty Senate

The General Education Committee (GEC) will have the authority to recommend to the Faculty Senate policies pertaining to the General Education Program and to determine such policies subject to review by the Faculty Senate, in such matters as the following:
  • Oversight of the General Education Program in accordance with the education aims of the university and the criteria to meet those aims.
  • Designation of courses meeting general education learning outcomes and establishing the procedures for assessing those outcomes.
  • Recommend policy pertaining to test-out procedures for the General Education Program curriculum.
  • Gathering assessment evidence regarding the General Education Program.
  • Evaluating assessment data and making recommendations to improve the General Education Program to the Faculty Senate and appropriate administrative units.

2014-2015 GEC membership listing and meeting schedule 

 General Education Program proposal information:


All proposals for the General Education Program (GEP), once completed and approved by departments, should be forwarded to the Chair of the General Education Committee (GEC) to be placed on a forthcoming committee meeting agenda.  The 2014-2015 GEC chair is Mary Bowman.  The GEC chairperson sets the agenda for GEC meetings and will notify the department when proposals are to be discussed. 

When revising, be certain to use most current text; use 
 strike out for deleted text and underscore for new text in revisions. 


GEP form templates and examples are located at: