Policies & Procedures

Before arranging a catered event, please be aware of our Policies and the following procedures:

Food Service Requests


Price Changes

Payment & Taxes

Additional Fees

Event Attendance & Deadlines

Set Up & Food Display Times


Alcohol Policies

Dietary Restrictions

Decoration Guidelines

Off-Premise Catering Guidelines

China Delivery & Charges

Wedding & Special Events Policies

Food Sale Permits & Liability Waivers

Right of First Refusal

DUC Events

Facility Use

Fundraising Policies

Contact Campus Catering Services

Potluck Policy

Potlucks are only allowed under the categories and conditions below:                                                                                     Student Organization Potlucks - commercially prepared takeout/deliver items, or non commercially-prepared, homemade, or student organization potluck food is allowed only under special conditions with a Temporary Food Service/Food Sale Permit.                                                                                                                                                                                                The link for submitting this food service waiver is:  http://www.uwsp.edu/dining/Pages/Catering/Food-Service-Liability-Release.aspx                                                                                                                                                                                Staff Potlucks - Prepared potluck food is unregulated, although organizers of potlucks need to keep the product within their divisions, and shall use proper food preparation and service techniques.