​STEM Career Day for Girls

Friday, February 27, 2015

STEM Career Day for Girls, formerly Women & Science Day, is a one day conference for 7th and 8th grade girls to get them fired up about science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers. The event showcases STEM career professionals from throughout Wisconsin (as well as faculty from UW-Stevens Point). Students engage in hands-on workshops (and learn the many career paths available with an education in STEM). The conference includes exhibits, a keynote presentation, and three, one-hour workshops. Attendees get a glimpse of UW-Stevens Point with workshops held throughout campus.  

This site is not up to date for the 2015 event.

Conference at a Glance
Registration and Exhibit Exploration (Dreyfus University Center)
​8  - 9 a.m.
Welcome and Keynote Presentation (Dreyfus University Center) ​9 - 9:45 a.m.
Workshop A​ (Various campus buildings) ​10  - 11 a.m.
Lunch​ (Dreyfus University Center)​ 11  - 11:45 a.m.​
Workshop B​ ​(Various campus buildings) noon - 1 p.m.​
Workshop C​ (Various campus buildings) 1:15  - 2:15 p.m.​
End of Conference​ (Health Enhancement Center (HEC)) ​2:30 p.m.

Keynote Speaker: 
Manda Riehl, Associate Professor and Collaborative Research Coodinator,UW-Eau Claire 

Presenting:  STEM: Solving Problems All Over The World

STEM subjects offer a variety of exciting career paths, and young people with STEM qualifications have good career prospects. But knowledge in STEM fields is also helping to tackle some of the most challenging issues facing our world today, and are a great way to make a difference, even in non-STEM professions! 

Manda grew up in Dickinson, North Dakota and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from MIT and also completed the MIT/Wellesley Teacher Education Program to become a certified high school mathematics teacher. While at MIT, Manda did a summer research project with Daniel Kleitman, Professor of Applied Mathematics at MIT, which led her to a Master's and Ph.D. in Mathematics, which she obtained from UC-San Diego.
She currently lives in Eau Claire with her husband and 2 year old daughter and teaches mathematics at UW-Eau Claire.  In her free time, she enjoys ashtanga yoga, watching Grand Slam tennis, doing carpentry (especially woodworking).  Upon moving to Wisconsin she has also become a Green Bay Packer fan. Go Pack Go!

Lunch Keynote Speaker:
Erica Weisgram, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, UW-Stevens Point 

Presenting: Science is…Making Friends, Making Discoveries, and Having Fun

There are many aspects of scientists’ careers. As a psychologist, I examine the stereotypes that people have about scientists and the work they do. In my research, I have found that the things scientists like about their jobs are not only making new discoveries, but making friends, working together with a research team, helping colleagues, and helping others and saving lives through medicine and technology.
Dr. Erica Weisgram is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  Her research focuses broadly on gender development in children, adolescents, and young adults and her recent work explores the cognitive construction of stereotypes in preschool children and how cultural stereotypes affect children’s interest in toys. She is also examining how gender and gender-related factors (e.g., stereotypes, values, and familial roles) affect individuals’ occupational and academic interests. Lastly, I continue to examine girls’ and women’s interest in nontraditional occupations—specifically interest in math and science occupation.
Undergraduate research assistants typically participate in weekly lab meetings and contribute to the design of the study, data collection and analysis, and presentation or publication of the work. Specifically, in the recent undergraduate students have recruited and interviewed children at on-campus day care/preschool sites, tested children at the Plover Boys and Girls Club, designed a study on stereotypes of male and female teen parents and presented it as a poster at the Midwest Psychological Association conference in Chicago, and assessed the efficacy of the UWSP Women and Science Day program involving almost 500 middle school girls.

Recruitment Tool and Sign up Form

Complete the bottom on this form with your contact information and then post it on a bulletin board or give it away as a handout.
STEM Paper Sign up Form
Use this form to collect student names, workshop choices, t-shirt sizes, and to confirm payment. Then have this form with you on January 24, 2014 at 8 a.m. to register your students online. See the Choosing Workshops area below to get a comprehensive list of workshops for each student.

Registration Information 

Registration for this event is only available online.  Workshop availability is first-come, first-served.  All attendees must pre-register by February 14. On-site registration will not be accepted.
For the best availability of workshops, register on opening day, beginning at 8:00 a.m. Prior to opening day, students will need to choose 3 one-hour workshops to attend at the event. A list of available workshops will be in the Available Workshops section below. There will be up to 23 one hour workshops in each one hour time slot. If registering as a school group, the school chaperone should register the group as a whole and not have individual students register themselves.  
Click here for more information on how online registration works

Registration Fees

Student registration fee: $30
*Adult/chaperone registration fee: $30
*Adults/chaperones are assessed a $30 registration fee to cover lunch and materials. Chaperones may visit any workshop during the day, but do not register for workshops online. We recommend one chaperone for groups of 25 or less and two for groups of 25-50.  

Payment Options

If paying by purchase order, indicate "paying by check" when registering online. We do not ask for purchase order numbers, but you are welcome to request invoices prior to February 21, 2014 if your school pays by purchase order. Contacting Samantha Pech at spech@uwsp.edu to request an invoice prior to the event. Checks may be brought to the event for full payment. The following credit cards are accepted online: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Student Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are available for students upon written recommendation by a teacher or school administrator. Scholarships are not granted to chaperones. You may fax scholarship recommendations to Julie Hellweg, Program Manager in Continuing Education, at 715-346-3504 or email them to: jhellweg@uwsp.edu
*Scholarship deadline: February 14, 2014

If you plan to apply for scholarship, please follow the same registration process as if not applying for scholarship. You must indicate that you are paying with a check when registering online. Scholarship requests are granted as they come in and in a timely manner. If only part of your group is granted scholarship, you are then invoiced for the remaining registrants. Credit card payments (at the time of registration) are not accepted for potential scholarship recipients.  

Student Survey Project

Erica Weisgram, Assistant Professor of Psychology, UW-Stevens Point, will be distributing surveys to student attendees as part of a research project.  Students will be asked to complete a survey before and after the program. The survey will assess interests in math and science and attitudes toward the fields (such as self-confidence in the subjects and how much she feels that the subject is important).
A second survey will be provided to chaperones to distribute student attendees AFTER the event.  This survey will ask her to evaluate the event and ask her to indicate her favorite and least favorite aspects of it.   Chaperones will be provided with a pre-paid envelope to return all surveys to UW-Stevens Point Continuing Education by March 14.  Completion of the surveys is optional, but participation is appreciated.  

Students who choose to be a part of the surveys need to bring the parent letter (see below) home to their parents.

Liability and Photo Release Forms and Parent Letter

Each student attending must bring a signed Liability and Photo Release Form in order to attend the conference. A student may attend the conference without a chaperone ONLY if a signed form is turned in. Download, print, and bring the parent-signed forms to the event.  Liability-and-Photo-Release

Each student must bring a copy of this letter home to their parents.  Feel free to print it on back of the Liability and Photo Release Form. Letter to Parents

Escorts and Volunteers

Campus students and staff volunteer their time to escort students to workshops throughout the day in groups of 15-30. No student is ever left unattend/alone during the event.


T-shirts will be available for purchase between January 1 and January 31, 2014 through an online order form separate from the event registration. T-shirts will be provided at the event. T-shirts are non-refundable. Orders are due by January 31, 2014 and payments are due by February 21, 2014. Payment may be brought to the event in the form of a check or cash. Credit Card payments are not available at the event.
Cost: Small-XL ($7.00 each), 2XL ($10.00 each) and 3XL ($11.00 each) 

Available Workshops 

Workshop Descriptions (Updated with notes next to two workshops)
This document will be posted by January 17, 2014. It is the complete listing of all available workshops for the 2014 event. Workshops are listed in alphabetical order by workshop title.
Workshop Schedule (Updated time on Workshop B from 11-noon to noon -1:00 p.m.)
The document indicates when each workshop will be offered and will be posted by January 17, 2014. Some workshops will be offered at all three time slots and others only once or twice.  

Previously Offered Workshops (from 2013)

A similar group of offerings will be available at the February 21, 2014 event:
Workshop Offerings from Women & Science Day 2013

Choosing Workshops

Students may want to attend a particular workshop at any of the available time slots. There will be workshops that every girl will want to attend and you will see that these will fill fast. Ninety percent of all registrations are received by noon on opening day. As workshops fill quickly, you will need to select workshops on your students' behalf. We recommend you have a very good idea of alternate workshops for each student. An example is below.

For example, your student may give you the following choices: First choice: A01, B03 and C10
Second choice: A10, B01, and C03; Third choice: A03, B10 and C01.
The students wants to attend any 10, 03, or 01 workshop at any time, but you may find out that all 01, 03 and 10 workshops are full. Our STEM Paper Sign up Form will let students indicate what they really want to attend and also provide you with others they like should their favorites be full.

Chaperone Preparation Checklist 

  • Recruit students: the STEM Career Day Flyer 2014 Dates will help get the word out
  • Record students' information: STEM Paper Sign up Form
  • Read the Registration Information area COMPLETELY.
  • Register at 8:00 a.m. on January 24, 2014 (the later you register the less workshops will be available).
  • Register yourself and all your students together. Do not let students register themselves.
  • Collect registration payments, t-shirt payments, and liability forms from each student.
  • Send the parent letter home with the students prior to the event (feel free to print it on the back of the liability form)
  • Request an invoice prior to the event if paying with a purchase order (see Payment Options above)
  • Send in payments prior to the event. Payment in the form of a check or cash is accepted at the event.
  • Provide your bus driver with the campus map and bus parking information provided from this site.  If not taking a bus, read the Chaperone parking area COMPLETELY.
  • Thoroughly read the confirmation letter and go to the links within the letter.
  • Encourage students to wear appropriate clothing suitable for walking outside.  Students should wear good walking shoes and bring a warm coat.
  • Tell students to keep extra items at home. Everything they bring with them will need to be carried throughout the day. 
  • Ask students to keep cell phone usage to a minimum during the event. 

Student Preparation Checklist 

  • Make sure you are registered for the program by February, 14, 2014. Do not register yourself, have a parent or guardian register you.
  • Bring, or hand-in to your chaperone, a signed Photo and Liability Form (see above) to the event.
  • Make sure you gave your parents a copy of the parent letter (under liability form section above).
  • Have a chaperone (if attending with 10-25 students). Students are not required to have a chaperone, but one is recommended.
  • Wear appropriate clothing suitable for walking outside.  Students should wear good walking shoes and bring a warm coat.
  • Keep extra items at home. Everything they bring with them will need to be carried throughout the day. 
  • Keep cell phone usage to a minimum during the event.

Drop-off and Pick-up Times 

Drop-off times: 8 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.
Where: Dreyfus University Center (DUC) on Reserve St.
Pick-up times: 2:15 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Where: Health Enhancement Center (HEC) on Fourth Ave.  

Bus Drop-off Location and Bus Parking 

Provide bus drivers with drop-off and pick-up times and locations noted above. Buses should drop-off students on Reserve St. in front of the Dreyfus University Center (#40 on Campus Map). Buses can ONLY park in Lot Q (in yellow on the Parking Map)-the ONLY parking lot designated for buses. Students need to be picked up on Fourth Avenue in front of the Health Enhancement Center (#5 on Campus Map) by 2:30 p.m.. Students will be escorted to this location between 2:15-2:30 p.m.

NOTE: Buses need to follow the above rules to not interfere with the city's school busing system on High Street. In addition, there is a busy pedestrian crosswalk by the marque sign on Fourth Avenue. Please do not block the pedestrian crosswalks by the Heath Enhancement Center or by the Dreyfus University Center.

Chaperone Drop-off Location and Chaperone Parking

Chaperones who drive individual students or small groups can park in Lot X (X on the Campus Map) for $0.50 per hour for the day. At the beginning of the day, you may park in Lot R across from the Dreyfus University Center. We suggest that you move your car to Lot X prior to the end of the conference and be standing at the Health Enhancement Center to receive your group. Then, walk your group to your car located in in Lot X at 2:15-2:30 p.m. Do not ask your students to walk to other locations to be picked up. All students will be escorted to the Health Enhancement Center at the end of the day and chaperones need to be at this location to receive their group.
Please Note: Drop off locations are set to provide safety to your students. No student is without an escort on the UW-Stevens Point campus during this program. If you choose to not follow the outlined program and pick up location as set in the program, we cannot guarantee their safety of your students.


Visitor Information including directions and maps: http://www.uwsp.edu/landing/Pages/visit.aspx  

Cancellation Policy  

Substitutions may be made at any time upon notification to Continuing Education. Substitutes may utilize the workshops of the person they are replacing. A signed Liability and Release form for the substitute must be brought to the event for the substitute.   
A full refund will be provided if the cancellation request is received in writing/email by February 14, 2014. No refunds will be given after February 15, 2014. No shows are responsible for the full registration fee. T-shirts are non-refundable. Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel the program due to insufficient enrollment or severe weather.

Special Physical or Dietary Needs 

If any participant has physical or dietary needs that require special accommodations, please notify us by February 14, 2014. Call Samantha Pech, Outreach Specialist, at 715-346-4593 or email spech@uwsp.edu.  

Special Needs-Parking, Wheelchair Access, and Elevator Map:

STEM Career Day for BOYS website

Continuing Education Coordination Team

Outreach Specialist: Samantha Pech, 715-346-4593, spech@uwsp.edu
Program Manager: Julie Hellweg, 715-346-3730, jhellweg@uwsp.edu

Contact the Continuing Education Office

032 Old Main Building, 2100 Main Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481-3897
Toll-Free: 800-898-9472
Local Phone: 715-346-3838
Fax: 715-346-3504
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