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"Did you know that learning how to code a computer is very similar to learning a foreign language? You can succeed with daily practice and study regardless of your background. "

Explore Computing and New Media Technologies at UW-Stevens Point

Lead the technological revolution

Create an iPhone app your friends will use. Develop software for businesses and non-profits. Get a job in website design, wireless networking or information technology. We are living in a technological revolution. A degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of Computing and New Media Technologies can help you lead it.

The Department of Computing and New Media Technologies provides unique opportunities through its two programs: computer information systems and Web and digital media development. The Computing and New Media Technologies curriculum provides a wide range of opportunities and has been recognized nationally and internationally, by both industry and other academic institutions, as a leader in several areas of computing and media technologies. In Computing and New Media Technologies, students will find a vibrant department fueled by a young and energetic faculty and staff, dedicated to teaching, research and community service.

Discover computer information systems

The Computer Information Systems program at UW-Stevens Point provides a rich academic training and practical experience in computer science. Computer majors receive training in core computing topics such as computer programming, systems analysis, network administration, and database development. We keep our students up to date with the most recent advances and trends by offering a rich set of electives that cover topics including mobile application development, parallel programming and advanced .NET. The department also contributes to the collaboratively managed health information management and technology program.

Find Web and digital media development opportunities

The Web and digital media development program provides a broad, comprehensive and technologically focused program of study, which includes courses in computer information systems, business, professional communication, and specific Web and digital media development courses with electives such as animation, game development and usability testing. Fully funded labs, with cutting edge technology, allow students and faculty to create sophisticated projects and conduct world-class research.  

Post-graduate opportunities

Our department has long-standing regional, national and international partnerships with some of the best companies and organizations in the world by which students enjoy numerous internship and employment opportunities. Clients in the computer information systems and Web and digital media development programs include the Paper Science Foundation Inc., Portage County Humane Society, Sentry Insurance, Marshfield Clinic, Stevens Point Rotary Club, Pointe Precision, Skyward, the Association of Professional Communication Consultants, the Northern Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association, the Noel Group, Engineers and Scientists of Milwaukee and others.  Computing and New Media Technologies graduates rank among the tops on campus in gaining employment in applicable fields or continuing studies in a related field.