Campus Reservations and Event Planning​


Office Hours
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Dreyfus University Center, Room 340



Thank you for your interest in reserving space for your event.  The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point office of Campus Reservations is responsible for facilitating the reservation of space in campus facilities for student organizations, faculty and staff, and community groups. The purpose of the facilities at UW-Stevens Point is primarily to support the educational and strategic goals of the university.  Priority consideration is given to programs offered by and intended for the campus community.  As a public institution, UW-Stevens Point also seeks to be accessible to the general public.  To the extent that space is available the university welcomes community members, organizations, and groups to utilize designated space in select campus facilities.  We invite you to learn more.


Community Groups

If you are planning a summer conference or youth camp, please visit Dining and Summer Conferences