​Service Trips

Through education and direct service, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point hopes to connect students to social issues to create a positive change, in not only in the communities around the world, but also within themselves.

Volunteer opportunites are typically scheduled during the winter and spring breaks of the academic school year. These trips can range from a weekend to a full week and provide UWSP students with a great opportunity to change themselves and the world around them.



"This trip gave me more confidence in my ability to make a difference."- Heartland Farm Sanctuary participant

"Everyone has a unique story, this trip gave me a chance to hear someone else’s." - Alternative Spring Break participant

"I take things for granted more than I should. I've always looked at homeless people like they were completely different, but I learned my family has a lot of similar problems and I shouldn’t judge them. Now that I've had this experience, I won’t anymore. " - InterCity Impact participant


Service Trip Mission and Vision Statement

External Vision: The University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point’s department, Students Engaged in Rewarding Volunteer Experiences, envisions a world of active citizens, individuals who are concerned with the root causes of social justice issues as well as their role in their community.

Internal Mission: UWSP’s SERVE office creates a community of Active Citizens through volunteering and education, which in turn addresses and serves the needs of various communities.