Hazing Awareness

Hazing is a serious issue that all campuses face. Ranging from seemingly harmless pranks and activities to life-threatening actions, hazing creates an unwelcome environment.

This website has been developed for organizations, teams, advisors, and coaches to utilize to help in defining hazing, to identify positive traditions to initiate, and how to respond if you are aware of hazing related to any campus entity.

University life is about exploring new directions, meeting new people, and experiencing the world with new eyes. Hazing has no part in this process.

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This year marks the fourth year of UWSP’s participation in the National Hazing Prevention Week.

The Hazing Prevention Commmittee, with funding from SIEO and Resident Living, will be working to inform the community about hazing through buttons, posters, and information booth. You may want to join their Facebook group.