Student Organization Database

Login to the Student Organization Database:

The Student Organization Program is an online system which allows student organizations to update their officers and advisors as they change. The primary reason for this program is to keep up-to-date information on display of your organization. Students, faculty, staff and prospective students will be able to view accurate information about your organization and be able to contact the president and/or treasurer with questions.


Only the presidents and treasurers that are active in the system have administrator access to this website. All other members and officers will not be able to change information. If you are the current president or treasurer and you are unable to access the system, please call (346-2174 or 346-4700), email ( or stop at the Student Involvement and Employment Office to gain access. It is essential that you update your information so current organization profile is made available to students and others interested in your organization.

Logging on as a Student Organization Administrator (President or Treasurer):

  • Begin at the Student Involvement and Employment website:

  • To access the Student Organization Program click on Student Organizations.

  • Then click on Organization Administration.

  • Log on by using your university logon ID and password.

To open your organization:

    1. Select Search Organization

    2. Enter your Student Organization Name and select Search (You can also search by account number or SFO number).

    3. Click on your student organization’s name. This will bring up your organization’s profile. The brief display shows only the officers and advisors of the organization.

    4. To view the full display, click on the “full display” tab.

The Full Display will show:

  • On-campus mailing address

  • The number of current members

  • Listed category

  • Account number(s)

  • When your constitution was last updated

  • A blue "download" button so you can access your current constitution (double-click button)

  • Purpose

  • Officers

  • Advisors

Although you can view all this information, the only information that you will be able to change is the organization’s:

  • Officers

  • Advisors

  • Number of members

The information that you are able to view but are unable to change will be shaded in gray.

If the other information is incorrect, please call (346-4700), or stop at the Student Involvement and Employment Office.

To change an Officer/Advisor:

  1. Click Change Name

  2. A new screen will appear. (You may have to disable pop-up blockers).

  3. Type in the name of the new officer and click “Find Person.”

  4. The name of the person you are searching for should come up in the box below, if it doesn’t try typing only the last name of the new officer as they may have a more formal name (ex: Bob may be listed as Robert in the system).

    Note: Having the middle initial of a student might be helpful if you are entering a name of a person which is common (ex: John Smith). If you can not find the officer in the system, then they are not a registered student at UWSP, you have the incorrect name, or they have blocked their university information. Names of officers of student Organizations are considered to be public information so students who have blocked their information cannot serve as officers of your student organization.

  5. Once you locate the name, click on the name of the person and it will be changed.

  6. Repeat 1-4 to change any other officers and/or advisors.

  7. Verify all the Working Titles are Correct. (All organizations must have a president and treasurer title. All other officer titles can be created by your organization.)

  8. Add NEW President and/or Treasurer and THEN delete the old one.  The RED "Title code" drop down MUST be selected for these positions.  If your Treasurer and President are switching places, please email SIEO at:  The process then becomes detailed.

To add an Officer/Advisor:

  1. Click “Add a new Officer” or “Add a new Advisor.”

  2. You CANNOT delete the OLD advisor until you add a NEW advisor.  Please inform your old advisor of this information.

  3. Follow Steps 1-6 of “to change a new officer/advisor” to enter the new officer’s name.

  4. To delete unused lines click delete.

  5. When you have finished updating your information, click on save and close, which will close out the page and save all your information. You will then see, “Your (organization name) has been successfully updated.” You are finished. To exit the program without saving your changes, click on cancel without saving.

Note: You are able to view information from a previous year. Change the academic year in the upper right hand corner to the desired year. Please note that the first academic year in the system is 2003-2004. For information prior to 2003, visit the Student Involvement and Employment Office.