​General Education Program:

Assessment of student learning in our new GEP draws upon several measures, including institution-wide assessment and department-based assessment. In addition to this, our GEP Assessment plan outlines the use of Course Portfolios and Faculty Learning Communities.
A full discussion of the GEP Assessment plan can be found in the "Step 6" document that was approved by Faculty Senate: Step 6 Assessment.

June 2014 "Course Portfolio" Workshops

In June 2014, Paula DeHart facilitated a series of workshops to support instructors offering Investigation Level courses during Fall 2014, focusing on GEP learning outcomes and the process of assembling a Course Portfolio. Below are the slides used during these workshops:

Note: if there is sufficient interest, Paula is willing to offer these workshops again during th summer or next fall semester. 


Fall 2014 "Preview" Sessions

A series of "preview" sessions are being offered to provide an overview of the GEP 
Assessment process for the 2014-2015 academic year. Details can be found on the FLYER.

Course Portfolios

Instructors offering GEP Investigation Level courses during Fall 2014 are required to submit an electronic Course ePortfolio by February 1, 2015.
To assist with the process of compiling a Course Portfolio, Paula DeHart will be offering workshops during June 2014. The FLYER has full details.
(Note: Workshops focusing on the electronic portfolio interface (in Desire-2-Learn) will be offered by Karyn Biasca during the Fall 2014 semester.)


Faculty Learning Communities

During the spring semester, Faculty Learning Communities will complete three tasks:
  1. Review all Course ePortfolios using a rubric.
  2. Provide feedback to individual instructors (note: this feedback is shared only with the instructor)
  3. Generate a summary report that includes aggregated results, trends, and suggestions (note: this report will not include any identifying information from the Course ePortfolios). 
For the participants of the Faculty Learning Communities that will be reviewing the Course ePortfolios, please refer to the message from the General Education Committee:
Critical Thinking:
For those who are interested in developing a systematic approach to teaching and assessing Critical Thinking, two workshops were offered by Dona Warren (November 5 and November 13). Please refer to the flyer for additional information as well as these resources: